Upcoming activity: Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup 2011 * 12 Nov 2011



Kilat Senjata- Lightning Arnis Singapore joins the Philippine LEMA Cup 2011

Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore (LAS) participated in this year’s LEMA Cup which was held on the 20th of March 2011 in Marikina City, the Philippines. The LEMA Cup is the annual fellowship tournament organized by LSAI for all its affiliated schools and is usually held during or near the birth date of the founder of LSAI, the late GM Benjamin Luna Lema.

For 2011, LSAI had a first:  The participation of Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore (LAS) was the very first time ever that an international affiliate of LSAI joined the LEMA Cup.

While in Manila, the Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore (LAS) delegation had the great fortune of attending Master Classes with LSAI Master Bot on various applications of espada y daga. The Singapore delegation also spent a considerable time undergoing Master Classes with LSAI Master Alex on offense and defense techniques with bladed weapons as well as practical applications of pistol and rifle disarms. A part of the training and exposure to the Philippines required that the Singapore delegation spend time in Manila’s pistol and rifle range to gain in-depth knowledge and greater familiarity with various modern firearms.

Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore (LAS) delegation with LSAI GM and Masters

Top Row (Left to Right) – Guro Toti, LSAI Master Romy Santos, Grandmaster Vicente “Vic” Sanchez  of Kali-Academy of Martial Arts (also one of the most senior LSAI Masters), LSAI Master Romy Valenzuela, LSAI Master Nathan Dominguez, LSAI Master Bot Jocano, Guro Vicente (LSAI-Singapore).

Bottom Row (Left to Right) – Kelvin (LSAI-Singapore), Robert (LSAI-Singapore), LSAI Grandmaster Ate Patty, Mark (LSAI-Singapore), Guro Faisal (LSAI-Singapore), Guro Muneer (LSAI-Singapore).

Earth Hour 2010, Mar 27 Sat, 8:30-9:30 pm

Dear Friends,

If you haven’t heart the call already, please join the global effort to switch off non-essential lights and appliances for 1 hour on Mar 27, 2010, Sat. This is for our earth!   

NUS is planning to set up a large display of origami lilies made from waste paper. The lilies will be planted at the SRC field from 3pm onwards. If you have the time to swing by, do give them a hand (and do remind them to recycle the lilies afterwards). Each lily made will help to raise funds for environmental programmes.

Let this year’s Earth Hour remind us that the responsibility to conserve engergy and to live green is with every one of us. Even the smallest effort can make a real difference!

Incidentally, NTU is having the 55th anniversary mega relay “Run Round Singapore” on Mar 27 as well! This 218km relay will kick start at the Chinese Heritage Centre in NTU at 8:30 am. We will join station 1&2. Join us and cheer us on! (You can still register for the run, I think) 🙂

Live green and live healthy!


Grading 06 Mar 2010

Dear Friends,

We had another successful grading event on Sat 6 Mar 2010. There were 7 students graded this time, 5 for Level 1 and 2 for Level 4. They demonstrated their skills, confidence and their killer instincts in sparring drills. I have uploaded a few photos here. Go check them out.

Following this grading is a two week break. See you all soon!


A new 2010!

Dear friends of LAS,

After a loooong pause in maintaining our LAS website, I think it is now time (duh) to at least upload some photos and videos of what happened during 2009 🙂 Our club continues to grow and we thank everyone wholeheartedly for their incredible enthusiasm, unbeatable energy and unwavering support!

Many exciting new things will happen in 2010. We will have our 6th stick-fighting championships sometime later this year in Singapore! You would be able to see various types of weapons sparring activities as well as demonstrations of different applications of armed and unarmed combat. It would be a good opportunity to highlight a truly Filipino martial art not to mention contribute in boosting fellowship among Lightning Arnis Singapore members.

For those who are interested in getting to know Arnis, our training schedules remain the same (though at the moment, the NTU training is not yet carried out). Feel free to contact us arnis.de.mano@gmail.com to know more about Arnis. You are always welcome to participate as a guest before committing yourself to formal training (so that you know what you will get into! 🙂

Wishing everybody a happy new year and keep fighting!


Lightning Arnis Singapore End of Year Gathering and Resumption of Training

Hi everyone,

A Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year to all!

Year-End Gathering

I am inviting all of you (and your significant others) to an end-of-year gathering at my place on Tuesday 30th of December 2008 starting 1900H.

I have prepared some local Philippine dishes, if you wish please bring along potluck food, good for 8-10 persons (i.e. drinks, some local Singaporean food, pastries).

Resumption of Training

We resume training on the 4th of January 2009 at Tanglin CC.

See you guys soon and may you all have a great 2009!

Guro Vicente

Arnis Master Classes on 20-21 June 2008

Hi everyone,

I would like to call your attention and invite you to join the master classes that would be conducted by Mandirigmang Kaliradman’s Chief Instructor LSAI/LESKAS Master Manolo del Rosario on Friday, 20 June and in the morning of 21 June.

Do take note that it is not too often that we are able to invite a Philippine arnis master to our shores in Singapore. So let’s take advantage of this opportunity!!

The master classes that would be held at Yunnan corner would be charged at $20 for Kilat Senjata members and $50 for outsiders. (This one-time fee would go for the venue rental, certificates — to be given out by MK and Kilat Senjata — and other miscellaneous expenses).


20 June (Friday) Yunnan Corner-NTU

♣ 09:00-10:30: Play “Laro” session 1 (Bigay Tama reviewing basics) with Master Manolo & MK Senior Instructors

♣ 10:30- 12:00: Master Class 1– Introduction to MK Balintawak & Balintawak Sessions with Master Manolo

♣ 14:00-15:30: Play “Laro” session 2 (Introduction to Sumbrada) with Master Manolo & MK Senior Instructors

♣ 16:00- 17:30 Master Class 2- Introduction to Unarmed Combat features of FMA (Dumog)

♣ 19:00- 21:00 Arnis Workshop-Demonstration @ SAFRA Tampines

21 June (Saturday) Yunnan Corner-NTU

♣ 09:00- 11:30: Master Class 3– Introduction to Bladed Weapons and Tapado Sessions with Master Manolo


If you have any queries or clarifications, do communicate with me.

Mabuhay ang Lightning!

Guro Vicente

Upcoming Tournaments in 2008!


Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup 2008

21 June 2008, Saturday 18:00-21:00
Informatics Singapore Campus
10-12 Science Centre Road, S-609079

See you there! 

Two days to go before the 2008 edition of Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup!

Please remember that Tournament Training in Arnis — as I have been repeating many times is just one component of our system. It’s not the most important one, but it is a component nevertheless. Participation in these tournaments, which are obviously artificial scenarios of combat, allow us to get to “know ourselves better” improve “fitness” and practice “fellowship” among club members.

Thanks to your generosity, dedication and good spirits, we have successfully completed the KS Cup last 31st May 2008. Now, we are about ready to undertake the Singapore versus Philippines Friendly Competitions that would be happening on the 21st of June.

If you have questions, queries. comments or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me.

Mabuhay ang Lightning!

Guro Vicente