Singapore Stickfighting Challenge (SSFC) 2016

SSFC 2016 is Singapore’s very first inter-martial arts tournament for stickfighting. Hosted by Lightning Arnis Singapore, this competition provides a platform for contestants to showcase stickfighting styles from their respective martial arts backgrounds.


Date and venue

The tournament will take place from 12th to 13th November 2016, at Tanglin Community Club, 245 Whitley Rd, S(297829).


Saturday, 12th November  Rules, regulations and scoring system briefing for judges, referees and participants
Certificate of Attendance and Achievement will be presented to attendees.

Competition & Prize Ceremony
*Dinner will be provided.

Sunday, 13th November CMAA Close Quarter Self-Defense Semilar,
conducted by Master Glen Gardiner (Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima World Federation).*Equipment, lunch and refreshment will be provided.

*Limited to first 50 registered participants

Who can attend?

The event is open to all weapon-based martial arts associations, clubs and schools who are trained in weapons and wish to compete in full contact sparring.


The following categories are open for registration:

  1. Sparring Single Stick Men (ages 18-39)
  2. Sparring Single Stick Women (ages 18-39)
  3. Sparring Double Sticks Men (ages 18-39)
  4. Sparring Double Stick Women (ages 18-39)
  5. Sparring Single Stick Men (ages 40-49)
  6. Sparring Single Stick Women (ages 40-49)
  7. Sparring Double Sticks Men (ages 40-49)
  8. Sparring Double Stick Women (ages 40-49)
  9. Sparring Single Stick Men (ages 50-Above)
  10. Sparring Single Stick Women (ages 50- Above)
  11. Sparring Double Sticks Men (ages 50- Above)
  12. Sparring Double Stick Women (ages 50- Above)
  13. Sparring Single Stick Men (Open Weight)
  14. Sparring Single Stick Women (Open Weight)
  15. Sparring Double Stick Men (Open Weight)
  16. Sparring Double Stick Women (Open Weight)
  17. Team (Open Age Group 18-50 and above)

The grouping and order of matches will be announced two weeks before the competition.

Rules & Regulation

Guidelines on rules, regulation and scoring systems will be provided upon confirmation of application.

Registration Details

Closing date: 31st October 2016

Registration fees: S$65.00 per category, or S$95.00 for all events.
An extra 50% fee is applicable for any application made after registration closing date.

For registration and payment details, please contact us at:
Phone: (+65) 8423 5860
Facebook: Singapore Stickfighting Challenge