Demo @ National University of Singapore, 2015 | Stickfighting with Kicks

Arnis predominantly employs hand techniques while using the lower body mainly for footwork and sweeping during takedown. In this 2015 seminar for NUS students, Guro Andrew and Leng Kee explored the various ways of incorporating kicks as a follow-up to defense-counterattack drills.

nus_seminar_2015_1 nus_seminar_2015_2


Arnis Master Classes on 20-21 June 2008

Hi everyone,

I would like to call your attention and invite you to join the master classes that would be conducted by Mandirigmang Kaliradman’s Chief Instructor LSAI/LESKAS Master Manolo del Rosario on Friday, 20 June and in the morning of 21 June.

Do take note that it is not too often that we are able to invite a Philippine arnis master to our shores in Singapore. So let’s take advantage of this opportunity!!

The master classes that would be held at Yunnan corner would be charged at $20 for Kilat Senjata members and $50 for outsiders. (This one-time fee would go for the venue rental, certificates — to be given out by MK and Kilat Senjata — and other miscellaneous expenses).


20 June (Friday) Yunnan Corner-NTU

♣ 09:00-10:30: Play “Laro” session 1 (Bigay Tama reviewing basics) with Master Manolo & MK Senior Instructors

♣ 10:30- 12:00: Master Class 1– Introduction to MK Balintawak & Balintawak Sessions with Master Manolo

♣ 14:00-15:30: Play “Laro” session 2 (Introduction to Sumbrada) with Master Manolo & MK Senior Instructors

♣ 16:00- 17:30 Master Class 2- Introduction to Unarmed Combat features of FMA (Dumog)

♣ 19:00- 21:00 Arnis Workshop-Demonstration @ SAFRA Tampines

21 June (Saturday) Yunnan Corner-NTU

♣ 09:00- 11:30: Master Class 3– Introduction to Bladed Weapons and Tapado Sessions with Master Manolo


If you have any queries or clarifications, do communicate with me.

Mabuhay ang Lightning!

Guro Vicente