2011 Training Schedules

Dear friends,

Thank you all for your active participation and support in 2010. Training schedules for 2011 is now available.


Lightning Arnis Singapore End of Year Gathering and Resumption of Training

Hi everyone,

A Happy Christmas and Blessed New Year to all!

Year-End Gathering

I am inviting all of you (and your significant others) to an end-of-year gathering at my place on Tuesday 30th of December 2008 starting 1900H.

I have prepared some local Philippine dishes, if you wish please bring along potluck food, good for 8-10 persons (i.e. drinks, some local Singaporean food, pastries).

Resumption of Training

We resume training on the 4th of January 2009 at Tanglin CC.

See you guys soon and may you all have a great 2009!

Guro Vicente

Arnis Master Classes on 20-21 June 2008

Hi everyone,

I would like to call your attention and invite you to join the master classes that would be conducted by Mandirigmang Kaliradman’s Chief Instructor LSAI/LESKAS Master Manolo del Rosario on Friday, 20 June and in the morning of 21 June.

Do take note that it is not too often that we are able to invite a Philippine arnis master to our shores in Singapore. So let’s take advantage of this opportunity!!

The master classes that would be held at Yunnan corner would be charged at $20 for Kilat Senjata members and $50 for outsiders. (This one-time fee would go for the venue rental, certificates — to be given out by MK and Kilat Senjata — and other miscellaneous expenses).


20 June (Friday) Yunnan Corner-NTU

♣ 09:00-10:30: Play “Laro” session 1 (Bigay Tama reviewing basics) with Master Manolo & MK Senior Instructors

♣ 10:30- 12:00: Master Class 1– Introduction to MK Balintawak & Balintawak Sessions with Master Manolo

♣ 14:00-15:30: Play “Laro” session 2 (Introduction to Sumbrada) with Master Manolo & MK Senior Instructors

♣ 16:00- 17:30 Master Class 2- Introduction to Unarmed Combat features of FMA (Dumog)

♣ 19:00- 21:00 Arnis Workshop-Demonstration @ SAFRA Tampines

21 June (Saturday) Yunnan Corner-NTU

♣ 09:00- 11:30: Master Class 3– Introduction to Bladed Weapons and Tapado Sessions with Master Manolo


If you have any queries or clarifications, do communicate with me.

Mabuhay ang Lightning!

Guro Vicente

Upcoming Tournaments in 2008!


Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup 2008

21 June 2008, Saturday 18:00-21:00
Informatics Singapore Campus
10-12 Science Centre Road, S-609079

See you there! 

Two days to go before the 2008 edition of Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup!

Please remember that Tournament Training in Arnis — as I have been repeating many times is just one component of our system. It’s not the most important one, but it is a component nevertheless. Participation in these tournaments, which are obviously artificial scenarios of combat, allow us to get to “know ourselves better” improve “fitness” and practice “fellowship” among club members.

Thanks to your generosity, dedication and good spirits, we have successfully completed the KS Cup last 31st May 2008. Now, we are about ready to undertake the Singapore versus Philippines Friendly Competitions that would be happening on the 21st of June.

If you have questions, queries. comments or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me.

Mabuhay ang Lightning!

Guro Vicente

Kilat Senjata Cup 2008 and Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup 2008

Hi everyone,

Two important sets of announcements: Upcoming Tournaments and Preparations for Tournaments


This is a gentle reminder to everyone that two major Kilat Senjata tournaments are coming up in the next two months.

The first one is the Kilat Senjata Cup 2008 or the KS Cup 2008, this is tentatively scheduled on the 31th of May 2008. The other one is the Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup 2008 or the LAS Cup 2008, which is tentatively scheduled on the 21st of June 2008. If you notice both tournaments have been scheduled during the school holidays.

KS Cup 2008 is an in-house competition. This will be a padded-stick and live-cane, full-body armour competition among the different members of our club. The LAS Cup 2008 will follow the same formar of KSCup but is the more serious one since we have invited members of Mandirigmang Kaliradman (MK) to the “friendly” competition. Do take note that those who are keen on joining should have a minimum number of rounds fought

For those competing in the Padded Sticks Category (Level One and below)
In order to make sure that you are ready for the tournament, you need to commit yourself to complete at least 18 rounds of Padded stick fighting. Primarily, this could be done by joining the tournament training sessions at NTU. This could also be done — although to a lesser extent — by your diligent participation in our training sessions at Tanglin CC.
For those competing in the Live Cane Full Body Category (Level One and Above)
Similarly, in order to make sure that everyone would be ready for this tournament category, you would need to commit yourself to at least 27 rounds of Live Cane Full Body Armour fighting. Joining the tournament training sessions at NTU, would be the best way to achieve this, joining us at Tanglin CC on some days would also be ideal.


We have invited Master Manolo del Rosario and four of his most senior instructors (at least 5-10 years experience in Arnis each one of them) to a friendly competition with our Kilat Senjata group. As usual, I will be hosting them at my place in NTU. However, the entire club would need to raise FUNDS for the airfare and other transportation and allowances we would be preparing for the Mindanao group. As early as now, we need to be able to book airfares (to avail of the afforadable rates). From my very preliminary estimates, we would need to raise a total of $2500-3000, to cover their airfares, allowances and other expenses.

Lighting Arnis Singapore Cup Souvenir Program

In order for us to raise this amount of funds, I have attached with this email, the Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup 2007 Souvenir Program. Take note guys, that I have asked Master Manolo and Master Jon to write original articles for this souvenir program, it is therefore a martial arts material of high quality.

We are in the process of printing this in hard copy, we shall then be selling these first to you our members and then to our friends. Hopefully, we can cover the estimated expenses with the sales of the souvenir program alone. We can also use this souvenir program as a selling point for the LAS Cup 2008 Souvenir Program (upcoming).

In the next few days, I shall be sending you detailed copies of Oplan Bakbakan (Operation Plan Fighting) which outlines the preparations necessary to successfully stage both tournaments.

In order for us to make both activities doable, we would need ALL the members of Kilat Senjata to help out.

Last year 2007, we made history happen since we staged both tournaments — the very first time they were ever held in Singapore — and we were successful. With your help, generosity and cooperation, we can do it again. :=)

I’ll keep all of you posted on developments. If you have suggestions, comments (raising funds, tournament format, etc.) or even pledges of donation, please do email me.

Mabuhay ang Lightning! (Long Live Lightning)

Guro Vicente

Demonstration @ SAFRA Tampines 30 March 2008

Hi everyone, For this coming Sunday our venue and schedule will be different:

We will be conducting special Tournament training at SAFRA Tampines courtesy of one of our senior students – Faissal.

We will be combined to have one class (Tournament Training) that would start at 9.30 am and end at about 11.30 am. Later that day (2 pm), we are slated to have an Arnis-Kali-Escrima demo at the same venue.

For those of you who cannot make it, we will have a Make-up Session on the 10th of April 2008 (2nd Thursday night of the month) at Tanglin CC (8-10 pm).

As usual, after this Sunday, we revert back to the regular schedules at Tanglin CC. Hope you can join us at SAFRA Tampines.

Mabuhay ang Lightning!

The Kilat Senjata Seal

The three weapons — dagger, stick and sword — represent the three primary weapons of

an Arnis warrior. The absence of colours of the weapons is intentional and represents the starting point of an arnisador. The seemingly lifeless and colourless objects, through the discipline and diligence of the arnisador would be KS logoKS logoKS logotransformed and would take on colour, bringing the weapons to life as mastery of the skills grows.

Kilat and Senjata mean “lightning” and “weapon” respectively.

After careful practice, study and dedication the arnisador acquires the qualities of the complete and ideal Philippine warriors of old: Kilat Senjata.


Our Code of Conduct

1. Arnisadors are to conduct themselves with Integrity, Discipline and Responsibility.

2. Deference must be accorded to the Instructors at all times within lawful and reasonable limits

3. Arnisadors must refrain from the display, use or application of any techniques except for the defense of a person against bodily harm or for personal protection against bodily harm.

4.  Arnisadors are to treat one another with charity and justice.

5.  Arnisadors must always pay homage to their motherland; respect must also be extended to the national birthplace of the late Grandmaster Mang Ben, the late Guro Elmer Ybanez and to the other masters and guros of LSAI and LESKAS.