Kilat Senjata receives awards from Tanglin Community Club (People’s Association)

On the 18th of February 2012, eight (8) members were given awards by Tanglin Community Club (People’s Association) during the Annual Appreciation night for instructors and members.

State Minister Lui Tuck Yew (RAdm) and Tanglin Community Club Chair Mr. Chua Lai Teck (BBM) were on hand to give the awards that evening.  Three instructors from Kilat Senjata (Lightning Arnis Singapore) received the coveted Achievement Awards. Two other instructors received Long Service Awards while three very active members were recognized for their valuable contributions to Kilat Senjata

The award recipients are:

Punong Guro Dr. Vicente “Enteng” Reyes – Certificate of Achievement

Guro Faisal Hussain – Certificate of Achievement

Guro Muneer Mohammad – Certificate of Achievement

Guro Ian Tay – Long Service Award

Guro Li Zhi Huan – Long Service Award

Robert Lapu-os – Certificate of Appreciation

Kelvin Leslie Thomas – Certificate of Appreciation

Mark Roche – Certificate of Appreciation


Kudos to all the award recipients and to Kilat Senjata (Lightning Arnis Singapore)!


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