Kilat Senjata- Lightning Arnis Singapore joins the Philippine LEMA Cup 2011

Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore (LAS) participated in this year’s LEMA Cup which was held on the 20th of March 2011 in Marikina City, the Philippines. The LEMA Cup is the annual fellowship tournament organized by LSAI for all its affiliated schools and is usually held during or near the birth date of the founder of LSAI, the late GM Benjamin Luna Lema.

For 2011, LSAI had a first:  The participation of Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore (LAS) was the very first time ever that an international affiliate of LSAI joined the LEMA Cup.

While in Manila, the Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore (LAS) delegation had the great fortune of attending Master Classes with LSAI Master Bot on various applications of espada y daga. The Singapore delegation also spent a considerable time undergoing Master Classes with LSAI Master Alex on offense and defense techniques with bladed weapons as well as practical applications of pistol and rifle disarms. A part of the training and exposure to the Philippines required that the Singapore delegation spend time in Manila’s pistol and rifle range to gain in-depth knowledge and greater familiarity with various modern firearms.

Kilat Senjata – Lightning Arnis Singapore (LAS) delegation with LSAI GM and Masters

Top Row (Left to Right) – Guro Toti, LSAI Master Romy Santos, Grandmaster Vicente “Vic” Sanchez  of Kali-Academy of Martial Arts (also one of the most senior LSAI Masters), LSAI Master Romy Valenzuela, LSAI Master Nathan Dominguez, LSAI Master Bot Jocano, Guro Vicente (LSAI-Singapore).

Bottom Row (Left to Right) – Kelvin (LSAI-Singapore), Robert (LSAI-Singapore), LSAI Grandmaster Ate Patty, Mark (LSAI-Singapore), Guro Faisal (LSAI-Singapore), Guro Muneer (LSAI-Singapore).


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