Earth Hour 2010, Mar 27 Sat, 8:30-9:30 pm

Dear Friends,

If you haven’t heart the call already, please join the global effort to switch off non-essential lights and appliances for 1 hour on Mar 27, 2010, Sat. This is for our earth!   

NUS is planning to set up a large display of origami lilies made from waste paper. The lilies will be planted at the SRC field from 3pm onwards. If you have the time to swing by, do give them a hand (and do remind them to recycle the lilies afterwards). Each lily made will help to raise funds for environmental programmes.

Let this year’s Earth Hour remind us that the responsibility to conserve engergy and to live green is with every one of us. Even the smallest effort can make a real difference!

Incidentally, NTU is having the 55th anniversary mega relay “Run Round Singapore” on Mar 27 as well! This 218km relay will kick start at the Chinese Heritage Centre in NTU at 8:30 am. We will join station 1&2. Join us and cheer us on! (You can still register for the run, I think) 🙂

Live green and live healthy!



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