A new 2010!

Dear friends of LAS,

After a loooong pause in maintaining our LAS website, I think it is now time (duh) to at least upload some photos and videos of what happened during 2009 🙂 Our club continues to grow and we thank everyone wholeheartedly for their incredible enthusiasm, unbeatable energy and unwavering support!

Many exciting new things will happen in 2010. We will have our 6th stick-fighting championships sometime later this year in Singapore! You would be able to see various types of weapons sparring activities as well as demonstrations of different applications of armed and unarmed combat. It would be a good opportunity to highlight a truly Filipino martial art not to mention contribute in boosting fellowship among Lightning Arnis Singapore members.

For those who are interested in getting to know Arnis, our training schedules remain the same (though at the moment, the NTU training is not yet carried out). Feel free to contact us arnis.de.mano@gmail.com to know more about Arnis. You are always welcome to participate as a guest before committing yourself to formal training (so that you know what you will get into! 🙂

Wishing everybody a happy new year and keep fighting!



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