Upcoming Tournaments in 2008!


Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup 2008

21 June 2008, Saturday 18:00-21:00
Informatics Singapore Campus
10-12 Science Centre Road, S-609079

See you there! 

Two days to go before the 2008 edition of Lightning Arnis Singapore Cup!

Please remember that Tournament Training in Arnis — as I have been repeating many times is just one component of our system. It’s not the most important one, but it is a component nevertheless. Participation in these tournaments, which are obviously artificial scenarios of combat, allow us to get to “know ourselves better” improve “fitness” and practice “fellowship” among club members.

Thanks to your generosity, dedication and good spirits, we have successfully completed the KS Cup last 31st May 2008. Now, we are about ready to undertake the Singapore versus Philippines Friendly Competitions that would be happening on the 21st of June.

If you have questions, queries. comments or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me.

Mabuhay ang Lightning!

Guro Vicente


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